"One of the most challenging and rewarding experiences a police leader could have. It will quickly become apparent that teamwork is the key to success in this endeavor. Collectively the minds of twenty others push the agenda to degrees you would not have thought possible."

Of the 150 police leaders who have successfully completed the CACP Global journey through the past 14 years, approximately 80% of them remain active across the Canadian policing community. 

Each member has brought into the program his or her rich background and diverse career experience, and together, they have made important contributions to policing, public safety and the criminal justice system while also gaining personally from a unique developmental experience.

"The experience opened my mind on several fronts: problem-based learning; research methodologies; local police service challenges are international police service challenges; the power of the Internet and the importance of the “TEAM.” It has made me a better police leader!"

While it is probably common for leadership programs to acknowledge the importance of their delegates’ contributions, no where could it more true than in the case of CACP Global . The participating members are CACP Global . Period.

CACP Global members learn together and teach together. They challenge one another’s most basic assumptions about policing. And, they support one another when the abstractions of PBL inevitably stress their pragmatic nature. Ultimately, they drive their entire learning and research process, together, and they have consistently taken pride and ownership in the positions they have developed and put forward as a team.

"My advice to future CACP Global participants would include such things as getting yourself acquainted with INTERNET research, communication media and proper retention and cataloging of the work you and your team will collect as a result of the research. Your voice will be heard and all input is valuable to the task at hand. Ensure you clear your calendar as best you can both personally and professionally for the duration. You will definitely never forget the experience."