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The CACP Executive Global Studies Program

… builds upon the past successes of the Institute for Strategic International Studies (ISIS) program, including the original 2003 International Best Practices Research Project, the prior cohorts of ISIS 2006, 08, 09, 11, 12 and 14, and CACP Global 2015 & 2016.

Candidates for participation in the program are expected to represent current and succession-ready senior leaders from police and military police services and from the broader criminal justice and public safety sectors from across Canada.

2017 Research Focus Announced for CACP Executive Global Studies Program: Measuring and Responding to New Dimensions of Public Trust & Confidence

Having again strongly endorsed the importance of this research-driven executive development program, the CACP Board of Directors has also delivered its clear challenge to the next cohort, which gets underway in January.  Board members noted that among the many priorities currently facing Canadian policing, none is more vital than the need to better understand and continually improve our relationship with the public we serve.  CACP Global 2017 will be challenged, through domestic and international studies, to isolate a new set of dimensions that will best define and/or influence public trust and confidence today and into the future, to produce new methods for more accurately measuring against those dimensions in Canadian communities, and where indicated, to propose new strategies for aligning our police policies and practices to meet evolving public expectations.

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Note : Les travaux internationaux de l’ACCP sont menés entièrement en anglais. Cependant, tout est fait pour faciliter la participation des membres francophones et répondre à leurs besoins dans le cadre des ateliers, des forums en ligne et des études sur le terrain. En outre, tous les produits finaux issus des recherches sont réalisés et diffusés dans les deux langues officielles.